#Life Hack How To Get FREE FOOD At Wendy’s!

Are you lost, hungry, and broke?

Or would you like to just pretend to be lost, hungry, and broke?

According to this “secret” corporate policy, you can receive free food and any Wendy’s fast food restaurant if you meet those three requirements.


All you have to do is simply inform an employee, or manager on duty, that you are from out of town and have no money and they will provide you with a meal.

Unfortunately for Wendy’s, this undisclosed policy is going viral on the Internet.


Wendy’s always knew if word got out that Wendy’s staffers were obligated by the rules to feed all for free who were lost, hungry and broke, that those who knew about the free food would soon outnumber paying customers.


So hurry out to your local Wendy’s and tell them you’re lost, hungry, and broke before they cancel this policy!

They are soon to be overwhelmed with people asking for free food!


Check out just one example in the video below: