Clown Lives Matter: Protest Begins #ClownLivesMatter

Clown Lives Matter

Clown Lives MatterClown Lives Matter

After the outrage, anger and hated for clowns thats been expressed by the public the last couple weeks, clowns have decided to take action. All clowns are now banding together and making the hashtag #ClownLivesMatter trend on the web.

Now there are talks of clown protesters marching the streets of Downtown Oakland, California. Imagine thousands of protesters dressed as clowns marching the streets. My question is how would the public react?

Clowns have been popping up across the nation, many of them threatening kids and adults, and even chasing them. Many of these incidents have been caught on video and went viral on social media. But there is another side of this story!

All clowns are not bad clowns! Clowns worldwide are highly upset by the actions of a few bad clowns and are banding together to fight for clown rights, acceptance and love from the world!