Clown Found Murdered, Shot Multiple Times!

Clown Found Murdered

Clown Found Murdered

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – A man dressed in a clown outfit was found dead early this afternoon of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and arm. The dead clown was found by a Marquette University student who was headed home for lunch when he found the lifeless clown.

The unnamed young man who discovered the Clown Found Murdered has chosen to remain nameless but told reporters on the scene this. “Me and my friends have been living in fear of these clowns the last few weeks. Now with a clown being murdered we really are going to feel uneasy. I had a friend who was chased by a clown the other day and this is not cool at all.”

Its currently unclear how long the clown had been dead but this comes within days of rumors being started online that it was now legal to kill suspicious clowns. The public seams to belive everything they see and hear so we sure hope the false rumors didn’t play any parts in the tragic event.

The world has been being haunted and living in fear or these random scary clowns being spotted on the side of roads sometimes even with weapons in hand.

Milwaukee police chief Edward A. Flynn released a statment urging civilians to not take actions into there own hands and to quickly call police when clowns are spotted.

Clown Found Murdered

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