Clown Attacks 9 Year Old Boy at School Bus Stop

Clown Attacks 9 Year Old Boy

Clown Attacks 9 Year Old Boy

Memphis Police Department is investigating another clown sighting in Frayser.

A mother said a clown hid in the bushes near a school bus stop, then jumped out at her son and chased him down the street.
The mother said her 9-year-old son ran home and is now too afraid to go to school. She said the clown was hiding where it knew a child would be waiting for a bus Monday morning.

The boy said the clown jumped out of the bushes laughing. Then, he chased the boy.
“He was chasing after me,” Demario King said. “He started laughing. He tried to grab me.”

Memphis Police Department searched the woods near the bus stop, but officers did not find the clown.

“I’m scared,” King said.
King’s mother said her son was shaking with fear. So, she called the police.
“I was scared for my son,” Sandra Hall said. “It’s not funny.”

The boy said the clown was wearing red pants, white mask, and red hair. His mother said she will not send her son to the bus stop alone ever again.


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Clown Attacks 9 Year Old Boy